How can I protect my eyes from the sun?

Summer is here, and everyone can finally enjoy spending time outdoors. In the midst of all the fun in the sun, we still need to protect our eyes. Over time, excessive exposure to UV rays can damage our eyes, wrinkle and age the skin around our eyes, and even cause skin cancer in the eyelids.

Shiny surfaces such as cars, water, concrete, sandy beaches reflect back the sun's rays. Wearing polarized lenses with UV and glare protection will reduce the sun's glare, help protect your vision, and prevent car accidents.

Luckily, being safe doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. Over-sized sunglasses and hats are stylish and affordable, so you can be your trendy self while protecting your eyes against harmful UV rays.

So, take advantage of polarized lenses with built-in UV and glare protection, and have fun this summer!

(c) Can Stock Photo