How do I pick the “perfect” glasses for me?

As a licensed eyecare professional, I would like to share my expertise in selecting that “perfect pair” of glasses – that provide all the benefits you need, and that make you look and feel great. Luckily today, eyewear is affordable and there are many options out there in terms of frame styles, colors and shapes.

Different glasses are fit for different occasions and lifestyle needs. Just like clothing, shoes, purses, or ties, eyeglasses can help bring out your favorite features, like your eyes or skin tone. We hope this article provides you with useful information that will make your eyeglass selection both easy and fun! Let the matching begin! Start with asking yourself the following questions:

  • What sorts of hobbies/interests do I have?
  • What is my occupation?
  • Do I spend a lot of time in the public eye?
  • Am I conservative in my fashion taste, or am I more edgy?
  • How am I dressing? (e.g, professional, casual, evening, or sporty)
Answering all the questions above will help you pinpoint what your needs are, and what kind of glasses will help fulfill those needs.

Don't know what color frame to choose? Here are some recommendations: To complement warm complexions (your skin consists more gold undertones) consider these frame colors:light tortoise/tortoise, gold, beige ,copper, red, light blue, peach, bronze and coral.
To complement cool complexions ( your skin consists more pink undertones) consider the following: black, rose, taupe, blue-violet, pink, jade, plum, gunmetal, silver, light blue and grey.

Need help in selecting frames for different fashion moments? Think of your eyeglasses as jewelry. We suggest trying gold, silver, or bronze metal frames with gems or jeweled details, and lenses with anti-reflective coating (especially if you plan on taking photos!) for an evening occasion. For professional look, consider classic, geometric shape, conservative colors (e.g., black, tortoise, or brown). The frame size can be slightly oversized. For casual and sporty eyewear, we recommend bright colors, flexible and lightweight frames (e.g., plastic frames are a popular choice). Scratch protection, polycarbonate, polarized or transition lenses are great additions to your lenses.

Want to bring out your favorite features? Here are some useful hints.
Vivid colors are great choice for those with darker hair and eyes, while lighter, delicate colors are more suitable for those with lighter hair and eyes. Choose delicate colors for white/gray hair.
Remember, frame shape should complement and counterbalance facial features/ follow facial lines. For example, if you have a round face, round frames are actually not advisable – go for an angular frame. If you have an oval shaped face, we suggest a slightly wider frame. . If you have a square shaped face, round frames are recommended.

Still stuck? Watch this video for more information.

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