Are over-the-counter reading glasses the same as custom glasses?

Today's fast paced life imposes many demands. Sometimes we forget about our yearly eye exam, which is an important component of overall health care. As a result, some of us have come to rely on over-the-counter (OTC) reading glasses to correct the condition called presbyopia, an inability of adults over 40 to see clearly when reading.

Of course, OTC reading glasses are very convenient. They are affordable and available at many locations and in many styles. Unfortunately, the materials and optics used to make these glasses are of very low quality. This means that the vision these glasses provide will not be equal to reading glasses made in an optical.

The pupillary distance, an important measurement that captures the distance between your pupils, will not be accurate in the OTC reading glasses. This could actually create unnecessary eye strain that can make the condition worse.

Moreover, in using OTC glasses, we may delay, or forget to visit the optometrist for a complete eye exam. Besides being sure your eyes are healthy, the doctor will give you your unique prescription. When you order eyeglasses from a qualified optician, your glasses will be made of high quality material, giving you the best vision possible.

Still curious about the benefits of custom glasses versus OTC glasses? Watch this video for more information.

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