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Eyeglasses and Eyecare tips

Eye exams

Eye exams can detect vision problems as well as health problems. Visit your eye care professional regularly for a complete eye exams. An eyeglasses prescription is valid for two years unless the doctor noted otherwise.

For children, since they go through grows spurts, the eye site fluctuates. In this case eye exams recommended every year.

Before you start shopping for eyeglasses it's important to have an updated prescription.

Proper Eyewear Frame Fit:

Frame eyewire should not be above the eye brow. Eyes should be centered as much as possible. Eyewear frame width should be at least as wide as the widest part of the face, otherwise it will press in and cause discomfort.

Eyewear frame design and innovation in optical technology have created new options and better choices in vision correction as well as eyewear frame selection. Being aware off all the options available makes the life easier for eyeglass wearers. Today eyewear frames are more affordable and the most inexpensive purchases consumers make. Fashionable eyewear as important as fashionable clothing. Just as purses, shoes, ties, consumers have many options in eyewear frame styles and colors with lens selection that can match their wardrobe.

NewUEyewear would love to answer any questions you may have in eyewear frames/lens selection.

Metal and plastic eyewear frames.

Metal eyewear frames have nose pads while most plastic eyewear frames don't. Flexon is a 'memory metal' and the eyewear frames made out of this material are flexible eyewear frames that are able to go back to original shape after twisting or bending. They also lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Eyewear frames made out of Titanium material are ultra light weight, noncorrosive and strong. Ideal for customers who are allergic to metal. Stainless steel eyewear frames are also lighter in weight and corrosive-resistant.

Plastic eyewear frames. Most commonly used material for plastic eyewear frames is Zyl (zylonate or cellulose acetate). Zyl is available in a wide variety of colors, is lightweight, and Zyl eyewear frames are comfortable. Nylon material is very durable and also lightweight. Cellulose Propionate is hypoallergenic, lightweight material and available in wide range of colors. Polycarbonate material is used in safety and sports eyewear frames.

Polarized lenses - true sunglasses
Transitions® - comfort lenses - not true sunglasses
Transitions® Explained.

Photochromic lenses or comfort lenses adjust with the sun. The lenses are clear indoors and at night, darkens outdoors. Lenses are activated by the UV at the same time they protect from harmful UV rays 100%. Transitions® will not change behind the windshields because they block UV. If you are sensitive to the sun while driving, true sunglasses are recommended. Research shows that unprotected exposure to UV rays from the sun can increase the risk of developing serious eye conditions, such as macular degeneration and cataracts . Transitions® are available in most prescriptions, lens materials and two colors, grey or brown. They are great choice in providing every day protection, block UV, reduce eye fatigue and automatically darken outdoors.

Eyeglass care
Lens edge polish.

It is recommended for semi-rimless (half-rim) eyewear frames and for rimless(drill- mount, frameless glasses). Polishing the lens edges give them a more attractive, cosmetic appearance as well as a smooth finish.

Pupillary distance - PD
Polarized Lenses Explained.

They are true sunglasses . These lenses eliminate reflected glare and excellent choice for outdoor activities in the bright sun. There are available in prescription and two colors grey or brown . Polarized lenses offer maximum protection from UVA , UVB and UVC rays. They are ideal for skiers, drivers or anyone spending time on the water.

Men's eyeglasses shopping tips

NewUEyewear features a wide selection of eyeglasses for men. Our eyewear frames collection styles are retro, trendy, and sophisticated. At NewUEyewear, you can choose value eyewear with high quality and durability.

So what's popular for men's eyewear fashion?

More men today prefer the fashion-forward look, they're ready to go out of their comfort zone in choosing something totally different. Also, they understand the importance of eyewear and consider buying multiple pairs to suit different occasions and style seasons.

Eyewear frame selection based on face form factor.
Lens type
What's needed in placing an eyeglass order?

You need a valid prescription from the doctor and pupillary distance measurement. Both can be obtain from the doctor upon completion of an eye examination. When eye exam is complete, prescription is yours and you can buy glasses from any vendor.

Polycarbonate lenses 1.59 are:
High-index lenses 1.67
Anti-reflective coating (A/R)
How to read an eyeglass prescription ?
If eyeglass prescription have 'cyl' power it must include the axis value.
What lens material is the best for my prescription ?

Plastic lenses - lighter than glass , not scratch- resistant , scratch guard added to provide scratch protection.

Polycarbonate - lighter plastic , impact- resistant lenses . All polycarbonate lenses include scratch protection and build-in ultraviolet filter . Great lens choice for children , sports and anyone with limited or no vision in one eye .

Hi- index lenses - plastic lenses with higher index of refraction . Theses lenses are lighter , thinner and recommended for strong prescriptions . There are many hi- index lenses available . The higher the index the thinner lenses and higher the cost. It ranges from 1.59 -1.74. Hi- index include ultraviolet filter and scratch protection.

More about lens types

Single vision lenses offer one power vision correction . They can be used for reading , distance and specialty purposes like for computer users or musicians.

Progressive addition lenses: sometimes called 'no line ' bifocals provide clear continues vision from distance to arm's length to close-up as the eye moves from top to bottom of the frame . As you reach 40s it is natural for the eye to loose ability to focus at near , reading lenses or progressive recommended. Unlike bifocals or trifocals progressive lenses don't have segments and look like single vision lenses . People can't tell whether you need glasses just for reading or wearing a fashionable pair of glasses . Newueyewear doesn't offer progressive lens order option in on line store because of precise measurement requirements needed to achieve the perfect fit and comfort. Please visit our location if you are a local customer to order progressive lenses.

Bifocal lenses: have one segment and provide two corrective powers in one lens . Upper portion of the lens corrects for distance while lower for reading.

Trifocal lenses: have two sections in the segment , reading and intermediate or mid -range . The upper portion above the segment is for distance . The sections are visible.

Aspheric lenses - have flatter front surface curvature of the lens which is making a great choice for plus power prescriptions . Available in plastic and polycarbonate material .

Lens enhancements
Mirrored Lenses.

They reduce infrared rays and provide a cosmetic look . They are available in various colors and require extra care to prevent scratching .

Tinted lenses.

Tint is a color coating and can be applied to lenses . Tints can be maid solid ( same color throughout lenses ) or gradient ( tinted darker at the top than bottom) . Tints come in wide variety of colors and range from the lightest color to very dark sunglasses. It is difficult to tint polycarbonate lenses to the darkest sunglasses shade.

What's new , What's hot in Eyeglasses Fashion?

What's old is New today in eyewear fashion. From Cat Eye to sophisticated styles you can enjoy wearing them out for dinner or workplace , at sports club , and anywhere you desire . Unique, cool eyewear frame designs in plastic material and vivid colors are the most desirable , stylish and practical.